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1949 Coleccion Revancha



This set of 1949 Collection Revancha cards were produced by the Argentinian magazine Revancha. This set features an iconic Di Stefano card at River Plate. There appears to also be different Series of this set based on the back of the card.


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4. Pedernera (Huracan) - @elrey_ collection

7. Di Stefano (River Plate) - @elrey_collection

17. Heleno de Freytas (Boca Juniors) - @breakfastcereal

18. Jose Manuel Moreno (River Plate)

26. Felix Loustau (River Plate) - @elrey_collection

27. Walter (Gimnasia Y Esgrima de la Plata)

Alarcon (Gimnasia Y Esgrima de la Plata)

Sobrero (Newell's Old Boys)

Arnaldo (Newell's Old Boys)


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May 07, 2022

#17 Heleno de Freytas (Boca Juniors)

Daniel Denegri
Daniel Denegri
May 10, 2022
Replying to

Perfect thank you!


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