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1925-28 J.S Onagoity "Cigarrillos Dolar" - Graded Card Gallery



The 1925-28 J.S Onagoity "Cigarrillos Dolar" is easily considered one of the greatest sets of all time in the soccer card collecting hobby.

Given the legendary status of this set, I will try to create a compiled list and gallery of graded cards for you to enjoy and scroll through. These cards include pieces from my collection and from other collectors in the hobby space.

My mission with this blog post is to have a comprehensive gallery of the 1925 Cigarrillos Dolar graded cards for easy research and access for the collecting population.


No Series

This series has no number and no card number overall. There is no exact date for this card set yet but it is believed that this set is one of the earliest of the ones that have been listed right now.


Raimundo Orsi (Independiente) - @Mantiquet

Tesorieri (Boca Juniors) - @Mantiquet

A. Anglese (Boca Juniors)

Perinetti (Racing) - @hausercollection

Combinado de La Asociacion Argentina

Racing Club

Luis Monti (San Lorenzo) - @hausercollection Julio Libonatti - @norcal_cards707

Manuel Seoane - @norcal_cards707


Serie 1a

This series is one of the most notable of the Cigarillos Dollar series. This one features iconic rookies for Raimundo Orsi and Guillermo Stabile. Both players were historic World Cup players with both having made World Cup finals. Raimundo Orsi won the 1934 World Cup for Italy, and Guillermo Stabile was the top scorer of the first (1930) World Cup.

738. Raimundo Orsi - @classicsoccercards

756. Guillermo Stabile - @pessah

859. Taramasso


Serie 2a

Series 2 is also an iconic set of the Cigarrillos Dollar because it features players from teams across Argentina during the era, along with cards for the Brazilian and Paraguayan players that contested the 1925 Copa America that was contested in Buenos Aires that year.

This set features the iconic card for Arthur Friedenreich that features him in the Brazilian kit. Manuel Seoane, historic Argentinian and Independiente goal scorer, is also featured in this set with his rookie that features a beautiful portrait shot of his.

5. E. Agentar Pinedo

17. E. Di Mare

19. C. Garcia

38. Luna

61. Fortunato

62. Manuel Seoane - @elrey_collection

181. Fermin Cernich

217. Ernesto Pieri

224. Tesorieri

241. Taramasso

254. Santamarina

258. Conti

283. Fabiano

291. Codualdo

292. Pennaforte

294. Nascimento

295. Tuffi

296. Floriano

297. Nilo - @mhendlercards

298. Arthur Friedenreich - @classicsoccercards

299. Fortes

300. Batalha

303. Pamplona

305. Platero

338. Martinez Intermedia


Serie 3a

Serie 3a features more of the same with cards of the many players in the Argentine Primera Division. There are also some Spanish players and cards included in the set.

231. Gabino Sosa - @mhendlercards

313. Lus

319. J.S. Campos

344. Balsanyacomo

399. Sanday

422. Ricardo Zamora

435. Zamora Atajando La Pelota

459. Match entre Argentinos y Paraguayos


Serie 4a

Serie 4a is different from other sets as it includes a significant amount of cards from players in the Spanish La Liga. This is mainly due to the friendlies that were taking place during this time between teams of the different leagues.

6. Real Deportivo Español

52. M. Goñi

57. J. Nogues

73. J.S. Giudice

97. Alejandro De Los Santos - @elrey_collection

136. Aguilar Pinedo

303. Castro


Serie 5a

Serie 5a features a collection of players from different Argentine teams along with a series of cards dedicated to the players that were called up to the 1928 Olympics. The Olympics cards are almost a sort of insert that were included. Below you can see the Olympic card for Natalio Perinetti.

133. Seoane - @elrey_collection

226. Luis Monti - @elrey_collection

240. Manuel Ferreyra - @norcal_cards707

243. Natalio Perinetti - @mhendlercards

B/W. Raimundo Orsi - @elrey_collection


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