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1946 Figuritas Olimpia

This set of cards from Olimpia cover the 1946 Argentinian Primera Division. The cards themselves come in a triangular shape and with a blank back. There are several iconic players known to be in this set such as Pedernera and Loustau.

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43. Fonda (Racing Club)

56. Bujon (Newells Old Boys)

57. Micci (Newells Old Boys)

63. Mussimesi (Newells Old Boys)

66. Blanes (Gimnasia y Esgrima La Plata)

71. Cerione (Gimnasia y Esgrima La Plata)

75. Perucca (Newells Old Boys)

85. Runzer (Newells Old Boys)

86. Bastos (Newells Old Boys)

87. Ferreyra (Newells Old Boys)

92. Ferreyra (Newells Old Boys)

116. Garcia (Enrigue)

119. Solomon (Racing Club)

121. Monestés (Racing Club)

122. Strembel (Racing Club)

123. Rodriguez (Platense)

124. Quiroga (Racing Club)

128. D'Alessandro (Racing Club)

156. Garcia (Racing Club)

193. Imbellone (San Lorenzo)

200. Calderon (San Lorenzo)

211. Loustau (River Plate)

228. Pedernera (River Plate)

233. Martin (Estudiantes de La Plata)

244. Villalba (Racing Club)

245. Cruz (Atlanta)

246. Cantelli (Platense)

249. Rossi (River Plate)

261. Romoni (Ferro Carril Oeste)

265. Labruso (River Plate)

266. Lemos (Ferro Carril Oeste)

268. Galina (Platense)

Sobrero (Newells Old Boys)


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