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1935 Colleccionador Brasil Album

This album is one of the first made in Brasil that featured footballers and football clubs. The Colleccionador Brasil album features a wide range of topics such as animals, cities, vistas, races, indigenous tribes, footballers, European capitals, etc. There are only three football clubs featured in this album and the checklist of footballers is mentioned below.

The most sought after sticker from this album is the Friedenreich sticker.

Album Cover

1935 Colleccionador Brasil - Friedenreich (credit to Matthew Hendler)

Scan of 1935 Colleccionador Brasil Album

Checklist (Footballers)

Palestra Italia Futebol Club

100 Aymore

101 Alvaro

102 Gabardo

103 Romeu

104 Lara

105 Vicente

106 Tunga

107 Dula

108 Tuffy

109 Carnera

110 Junqueira

Sao Paulo Futebol Club

111 Jurandyr

112 David

113 Celeste

114 Fried (Friedenreich)

115 Araken

116 Hercules

117 Raffa

118 Zarzur

119 Orozimbo


121 Iracino

C.R Vasco da Gama

210 Rey

211 Brum

212 Italia

213 Gringo

214 Juca

215 Calocero

216 Bahiano

217 Cicero

218 Gradim

219 Nena

220 Orlando


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