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1922 Cigarros Casteloes



This set and information has been provided by Peter from Massive thank you to Peter and please make sure to check out his other scans and posts regarding other sets from Brazil. He is the best source for anything Brazilians sticker and cards.


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1. Formiga (C.A. Paulistano)

2. Clodoaldo (C.A. Paulistano)

3. Mario (C.A. Paulistano)

4. Arthur Friedenreich "El Tigre" (C.A. Paulistano)

5. Cardia (C.A. Paulistano)

6. Sergio (C.A. Paulistano)

7. Netting (C.A. Paulistano)

8. Carlito (C.A. Paulistano)

9. Cassiano (C.A. Paulistano)

10. Arnaldo (C.A. Paulistano)

11. Zito (C.A. Paulistano)

12. Tatu (S.C. Corinthians)

13. Ciasca (S.C. Corinthians)

14. Neco (S.C. Corinthians) - @Scott Leventhal

15. Americo (S.C. Corinthians)

16. Gamba (S.C. Corinthians)

17. Gano (S.C. Corinthians)

18. Raphael (S.C. Corinthians)

19. Nando (S.C. Corinthians)

20. Amilcar (S.C. Corinthians) - @Scott Leventhal

21. Alonso (S.C. Corinthians)

22. Branbilia (S.C. Corinthians)

23. Pedretti (Palestra Italia F.C.)

25. Bertolini (Palestra Italia F.C.)

26. Heitor (Palestra Italia F.C.)

27. Picaglia (Palestra Italia F.C.)

28. Martinelli (Palestra Italia F.C.)

29. Italo (Palestra Italia F.C.)

30. Primo (Palestra Italia F.C.)

31. Bianco (Palestra Italia F.C.)

32. Ministro (Palestra Italia F.C.)

33. Forte (Palestra Italia F.C.)

45. Perillo (Minas Geraes F.C.)

46. Barboza (Minas Geraes F.C.)

47. Devito (Minas Geraes F.C.)

48. Porto (Minas Geraes F.C.)

49. Bernardo (Minas Geraes F.C.)

51. Sebastiao (Minas Geraes F.C.)

52. Zico (Minas Geraes F.C.)

53. Breno (Minas Geraes F.C.)

54. Laerte (Minas Geraes F.C.)

67. Koppelmann (S.C. Germania)

68. Bartholomeu (S.C. Germania)

69. Grassman (S.C. Germania)

70. Kammerer (S.C. Germania)

71. Geiger (S.C. Germania)

72. Lachamann (S.C. Germania)

73. Magner (S.C. Germania)

74. Hess (S.C. Germania)

75. Wolf (S.C. Germania)

76. Friese (S.C. Germania)

89. Justi (A.A. Das Palmeiras)

90. Nondas (A.A. Das Palmeiras)

91. Fabio (A.A. Das Palmeiras)

92. Nardini (A.A. Das Palmeiras)

93. Carmo (A.A. Das Palmeiras)

94. Barros (A.A. Das Palmeiras)

95. Nazareth (A.A. Das Palmeiras)

96. Dario (A.A. Das Palmeiras)

97. Vallim (A.A. Das Palmeiras)

98. Agenor (A.A. Das Palmeiras)

99. Alexi (A.A. Das Palmeiras)

104. Salermo (A.A. Mackenzie)

105. Brazilio (A.A. Mackenzie)

106. Silva (A.A. Mackenzie)

107. Avancini (A.A. Mackenzie)

108. Perez II (A.A. Mackenzie)

109. Villlela (A.A. Mackenzie)

110. Mesquita (A.A. Mackenzie)

111. Farragasi (C.A. Ypiranga)

112. Oves (C.A. Ypiranga)

113. Motta (C.A. Ypiranga)

114. Japonez (C.A. Ypiranga)

114(a). Herminio Faria (C.A. Ypiranga)

115. Tidoca (C.A. Ypiranga)

116. Miguel (C.A. Ypiranga)

117. Armando (C.A. Ypiranga)

118. Teppel (C.A. Ypiranga)

119. Florindo (C.A. Ypiranga)

120. Ferreira (C.A. Ypiranga)

121. Raphael (C.A. Ypiranga)

122. Tito (A.A. Sao Bento)

123. Appra (A.A. Sao Bento)

124. Fausto (A.A. Sao Bento)

125. Santana (A.A. Sao Bento) *

126. Caetano (A.A. Sao Bento)

127. Colombo (A.A. Sao Bento)

128. Bartho (A.A. Sao Bento)

129. Dias (A.A. Sao Bento)

130. Pedro (A.A. Sao Bento)

131. Zucchi (A.A. Sao Bento)

132. Minelli (A.A. Sao Bento)


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