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1935 Chocolatin Laponia



This set contains round badges with player photos. Laponia was one of the many brands marketed by Saint Hermanos S.A. Laponia ice creams began distribution in 1930 and were sold with great success until the early 1990s. These metal figurines were included in 1935 distribution of the Ice Cream.


Card Gallery



5. Androssi (Gimnasia LP)

6. Arreghi (Estudiantes LP)

23. Ferreyra (River Plate)

28. Bosio (River Plate)

35. Nery (Estudiantes LP)

41. Valentini (Independiente)

46. Fazzio (Independiente)

60. Perez (Platense)

63. Esperon (Platense)

64. Ibanez (Platense)

65. Spitale (Platense)

71. Campilongo (Platense)

73. Molinas (Platense)

74. Alberti (Huracan) 76. Estrada (Huracan)

78. Mastrangelo (Huracan)

89. Domingos (Boca)

91. Vasquez (FCO)

151. Cabrera (atlanta)

153. Alvarez (Atlanta)

162. Alvarez (Quilmes)

164. Vallejos (Quilmes)

167. Santa Cruz (Argentinos Jrs)

178. Wilson (Talleres)

180. Gazaneo (Talleres)

196. Castillo (Tigre)


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