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1934 Cigarrillos Combinados

The "Ponce, González y Cia" tobacco factory marketed various brands of cigarettes between 1926 and 1942 such as "Mariscal", "Imparciales" and "Combinados".

In 1934 the company organized a contest for its "Combined Cigarettes" brand that consisted of putting together the figures that came in each pack of cigarettes, completing a team of 20 figures and exchanging it for prizes.

20 figurines of each of the 14 teams of the Argentine Foot-Ball League were published: Unión Atlanta-Argentinos Juniors, Unión Talleres-Lanús, Velez, River, Boca, Racing, Independiente, San Lorenzo, Huracan, Estudiantes de La Plata , Chacarita, Platense, Ferro and Gymnastics of La Plata.

Card Gallery

Massive thank you to Paul Bowditch for the scans


7 A. Alberino (Boca Juniors)

5 R. Benavento (Chacarita Juniors)

8 Valussi (Chacarita Juniors)

19 Gaspari (Chacarita Juniors)

Nicastro (Ferro)

8 R. Albarracin (Ferro)

12 S. Belardinelli (Ferro)

3. H. Recanatini (G y E de la Plata)

5. M. Prestipino (Huracan)

15. A. Tarrada (Huracan)

17. F. Alvarez (Independiente)

18 Riccioppi (Platense)

19 M. Panto (Platense)

20 L. Savarro (Platense)

6. D. Conidares (Racing)

16 A. De Mare (Racing)

Bezos (River Plate)

Tello (River Plate)

18 N. Maiola (River Plate)

3 Villalba (San Lorenzo)

4 Arrieta (San Lorenzo)

5 Pacheco (San Lorenzo)

11 Garcia (San Lorenzo)

13 Gilli (San Lorenzo)

14 Petronilho do Britos (San Lorenzo)

9 Puccino (Lanus)

19 Encina (Lanus)

20 J. Perez (Lanus)

4 Reuben (Velez)

6 Merani (Velez)

8. V. Spinetto (Velez)

14 A. Forrester (Velez)

17 Sanabria (Velez)

18 J. Sanz (Velez)

19 P. Alegre (Velez)

Forrester (Velez)

F. Perez Escala (Est. de la Plata)

18 M. Simieli (Est. de la Plata)


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