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1933 J.S. Onagoity - Cigarrillos Record

This set from J.S Onagoity is the successor to the Cigarrillos Dollar set. This set also features a second Bernabe Ferreyra rookie.

1933 Cigarrillos Record - Bernabé Ferreyra

Card Gallery

Thank you to Paul Bowditch for the high res scans.


10. M. Rodriguez (Atlanta)

3. Pancho Varallo (Boca Juniors)

7. Teofilo Juarez (Chacarita Juniors)

9. Giudice (Chacrita Juniors)

11. De Vicente (Chacarita Juniors)

12. Sabransky (Chacarita Juniors)

9. A. Comasco (Est. de la Plata)

8. A. Miguenz (G.E. de la Plata)

3. Pascual Molina (Platense)

4. Luis Ferrario (Platense)

9. Rodolfo Acerbo (Quilmes)

3. Arturo Scarcella (Racing)

7. Natalio Perinetti (Racing)

6. Vicente Russitti (River Plate)

12. Bernabe Ferreyra (River Plate)

5. Gabino Inchausti (Talleres)

10. Cerrudo (Talleres)

13. Francisco Angeletti (Talleres)


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