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1933 Falcon Calvo y Cia Ltda - Colección Cigarrillos Ranchera

"Ranchera" cigarettes were made by "Manufacturas de Tabacos, Falcón Calvo y Cía. Ltda.", located at Terrero 1714.

On the back of the figurines it says that there are a total of 100 soccer figurines in 2 series of 50. These figurines are from series B and C. There has been nothing to prove the existence of a Series A yet.

This set features the rookie for the legendary Argentinian and River Plate forward Bernabe Ferreyra

Card Gallery


Serie B

23 Jose Della Torre (Racing Club)

26 Alfredo Devincenzi (Racing Club)

Serie C

33 Cataldo Spitale (Platense)

39 Jorge Oscar Molina (Platense)

43 Tomas F. Beristain (Platense)

54 Luis Pardiez (Argentinos Juniors)

68 Bernabe Ferreyra (River Plate)

91 German Alvarez (Atlanta)

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