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1930 Los Andes Album - Footballers and Movie Stars

This album was produced in Uruguay in 1930 and covers the iconic movie stars around the world at the time. There is also a section dedicated to the Uruguayan footballers that formed the 1930 World Cup winning Uruguay squad.

From the back of the card, where it says "150 figurines", we can conclude that there are a total of 150 stickers in this album.

The most sought after cards in the album are the footballers, specifically Andrade.

1932 Los Andes - Andrade

Pop Report for Grading Companies

Card Gallery (Footballers)


From the back of the card, we can conclude that this set features 150 cards.

Film Stars

6. Clara Bow

12. Lon Chaney

34. Charlie Chaplin

41. Pauline Starke

58. Elmo Lincoln

74. Louise Brooks

79. Dolores Costello

91. Douglas Fairbanks


101. Alvaro Gestido

102. Dorado

103. Macheroni

104. Nasazzi

105. Ballesteros

106. S. Urdinaran

107. Hector Scarone

108. Domingo Tejera

109. Iriarte

110. J.L Andrade

111. Lorenzo Fernandez

113. Pedro Cea


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