1930 Chocolate Franco - Copa del Mundo 1930


This set made by Chocolate Franco (Uruguay) was produced for the 1930 World Cup in Uruguay. The cards of individual players feature the Uruguay squad that would go on to win the World Cup.

The set also features the team photos of all of the National Teams that participated in the competition. The cards themselves were included in the packets of Chocolate Franco at this time.

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(José Leandro) Andrade

(Peregrino) Anselmo

(Enrique) Ballestrero

(Juan Carlos) Calvo

(Miguel) Capuccini

(Héctor) Castro

(Pedro) Cea

(Pablo) Dorado

(Lorenzo) Fernández

(Álvaro) Gestido

(Santos) Iriarte

(Ernesto) Mascheroni

(Ángel) Melogno

(José) Nasazzi (Captain)

(Pedro) Petrone

(Conduelo) Píriz

(Emilio) Recoba

(Carlos) Riolfo

(Zoilo) Saldombide

(Héctor) Scarone

(Domingo) Tejera

(Santos) Urdinarán

(Alberto) Suppici (Coach)

Delegación Uruguaya

Delegación Uruguaya (Collage of Cameos)

Delegación Argentina

Delegación Bélgica

Delegación Brasil

Delegación Bolivia

Delegación Chile

Delegación Estados Unidos

Delegación Francia

Delegación Mexico

Delegación Paraguaya

Delegación Perú

Delegación Rumania

Delegación Yugoslavia

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