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1928 Zuban Towart Soccer Cards - Fussball

The 1928 Zuban Towart soccer (fussball) cards are another of the earliest sets of German football cards to be released to the market. The cards feature several series and cover the most notable German and European footballers of the era.

The backs of these cards are blank which is why in the gallery below I will only be showing the fronts of the cards.

Massive thank you to RetroFuchs and Cardcollectorhannover for the scans of the cards.


Serie 3

1. Ricardo Zamora

Serie 4

6. Hans Lang

8. Asbjorn Halvorsen

9. Otto Harder

12. Malich

22. Thiekotter

23. Otto Ziegler

Serie 5

7. Otto Harder

Serie 6

2. Otto Carlsson

11. Hans Martens

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