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1927-28 Cigarrillos Dolar (J.S Onagoity) - Serie 4/5 w. Golden Border

This set of cards were issued by J.S Onagoity and is part of the Cigarrillos Dollar tree of cards. These Series 4/5 cards feature a unique and striking gold border around a portrait shot of the players. The set features a combination of players in Argentina and Spain.

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Thank you to Paul Bowditch for the high res scans


Serie 4

459. Suarez (Club F.C. Oeste)

461. Vigliola (Club F.C. Oeste)

464. D'Alessandro (Club F.C. Oeste)

474. A. R. Cortella (Club Platense)

475. J. Leon (Club Platense)

491. A. Marini (C. Lito de Montevideo)

495. C. Lobos (C. Lito de Montevideo)

Serie 5

2. A. Loizo (Club Defensores de Belgrano)

7. Vasquez (Club Quilmes)

14. Cuadrio (Club Quilmes)

17. Ramos (Club Quilmes)

19. A. Dragui (Club Quilmes)

20. O. Mapelli (Club Quilmes)

21. L. Martinez (Club Quilmes)

23. J. Mendez (Club Quilmes)

35. Chalin (Club F.C. Oeste)

51. S. Mazeda (Club Quilmes)

53. J. Briola (Club Defensores de Belgrano)

56. E. Perichon (Club Quilmes)

72. Diaz (Club Santa Fe)

73. Sosa (Club Santa Fe)

74. Osuna (Club Santa Fe)

82. Gomez (Club Santa Fe)

95. Prats (Real Madrid)

117. E. Garcia (Club Del Plata)

118. J. Petti (Club Sportivo Dok Sud)

120. Solari (Club Sportivo Dok Sud)

102. Urquizu (Real Madrid)

133. Manuel Seoane (Independiente)

149. A. Florian (Parana)

152. T. Buffe (Parana)

164. Arazena (Team Sanjuanino)

183. J. Gonzalez (Celta de Vigo)

188. Manuel Rodrigo (Celta de Vigo)

193. Manuel Rivera (Celta de Vigo)

195. Cosme Vasquez (Celta de Vigo)

196. Jose Hermida (Celta de Vigo)

200. Isidro Rodriguez (Celta de Vigo)

212. Partido del Barcelona con Argentina. Los capitanes Orsi y Samitier

243. Natalio Perinetti (Olimpico) - @mhendlercards

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