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1925-27 Cigarrillos Dolar (J.S Onagoity) - Serie 3a

The Cigarrillos Dolar is an iconic early cigarette card set produced in Argentina that features the rookie of some of the most iconic cards of the early Argentinian, Uruguayan, and Brazilian football legends.

This set is comparable to how 1926 Greiling contains the rookies for many early European legends.

This set came in different series. This set is Serie 3a. The cards in this series are numbered 1-500

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Massive thank you to Pip and ferchu22 from the Vintage Soccer Cards Discord

Cards are numbered 1-500

2. Team Paun

8. Team Tres Arroyos

18. A. Chabrolin (Banfield)

66. F. Oroyco y V. Ragoni del Sp. Cochico, Victoria FCO

161. Candal

162. Bartoluchi (Footballer)

254. Hurlinger

302. Muschietti

339. Boigues

355. Team SP Balcarce

364. P. Arrabarena, J. Martini y ref. Badaracco

382. Sud Americu Foot-Ball Club

392. Zamora Action

400. Zamora

401. Seijaz

403. Sisca (Barracas Central)

421. Urquizu

424. Martinez (Real Espanol)

440. Picallo

441. S. Adet (Club Universal)

445. Fisgold

451. Zamora Action

454. Zamora Action

456. Zamora Action

473. Zamora Action

476. Match Argentinos y Españoles 479. Zamora atajando la pelota

486. Team 25 de Mayo


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