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1980-81 FC Groningen (Player Cards)

The 1980-81 FC Groningen player cards were an official release by FC Groningen themselves. The cards are postcard sized and feature portrait shots of the members of the squad. The most sought after of the set being legendary centre back Ronald Koeman.

Card Gallery


J. Boer

B. Mooibroek

Th. Keukens

B. Wiebink

S. Bloemberg

R. Koeman

H. Veldmate

J. Tukker

E. Bakker

P. Houtman

J. van Dijk

A. Mulder

K. Hiddink

W. Waalserbos

H. Dijkstra

S. Goble

J. Van Loon

R. Leiseboer.


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