1967 Pressfoto Praha (Series 295)

This set of cards are from the Czechoslovakia and feature post card sized images of footballers. The most notable card from this set is a "rookie" for Johan Cruyff. The set includes other icons of the 60s football scene in Europe.


295/1. Giacinto Facchetti (Inter Milan)

295/2. Denis Law (Manchester United)

295/3. Ferenc Bene (Hungary)

295/4. Karl-Heinz Schnellinger (West Germany)

295/5. Helmut Haller (West Germany)

295/6. Johan Cruyff (Ajax)

295/7. Frederic Moore (West Ham United) - sic

295/8. Alan Ball (Everton kit)

295/9. Francisoc Gento (Real Madrid kit)

295/10. Milutin Soskic (Partizan Belgrade)

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