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1961-62 A&BC Chewing Gum, Footballers



Example of Card Design

The 1961 set is A&BC's fourth set dedicated to footballers. Unlike the other earlier sets, the cards were released in one series. There are a total of 64 cards in this set

The design of this sets cards also changed greatly from the vibrant colors to photographs that have a print form of the players signature on the card and a simple black and white format of the player photo.


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Complete Scan of 1961-62 A&BC Footballers

Organized in accordance with Checklist



1. Ronnie Clayton (Blackburn Rovers)

2. Jimmy Langley (Fulham)

3. Jimmy Armfield (Blackpool)

4. Harry Gregg (Manchester United)

5. Danny Blanchflower (Tottenham Hotspur)

6. Johnny Haynes (Fulham)

7. Nigel Sims (Aston Villa)

8. Albert Cheesebrough (Leicester City)

9. Terry Bly (Peterborough United)

10. John Groves (Luton Town)

11. Terry Dyson (Tottenham Hotspur)

12. Ron Cope (Luton Town)

13. Derek Reeves (Southampton)

14. Jack Mudie (Stoke City)

15. Jim Iley (Nottingham Forset)

16. Tommy Harmer (Watford)

17. Colin Webster (Swansea Town)

18. Reg Davies (Swansea Town)

19. J. Elsworthy (Ipswich Town)

20. John Ateyo (Bristol City)

21. Freddie Goodwin (Leeds United)

22. Brain Pilkington (Bolton Wanderers)

23. Chas. Hurley (Sunderland)

24. Dave Mackay (Tottenham Hotspur)

25. Tony Kay (Sheffield Wednesday)

26. Cliff Jones (Tottenham Hotspur)

27. Alan Hodgkinson (Sheffield United)

28. George Cohen (Fulham)

29. Peter Dobing (Stoke City)

30. Allan Brown (Portsmouth)

31. Albert Scanlon (Newcastle United)

32. Alex Parker (Everton)

33. Bobby Robson (West Bromwich Albion)

34. R. Allen (Crystal Palace)

35. Alan A'Court (Liverpool)

36. Edwin Holliday (Middlesbrough)

37. Billy Bingham (Everton)

38. Stuart Leary (Charlton Athletic)

39. Ron Springett (Sheffield Wednesday)

40. D. Emery (Peterborough United)

41. Ron Newman (Leyton Orient)

42. Stanley Matthews (Blackpool)

43. Stewart Imlach (Coventry City)

44. Alan Finney (Sheffield Wednesday)

45. Roy McCrohan (Norwich City)

46. Eddie Clamp (Wolverhampton Wanderers)

47. Ivor Allchurch (Newcastle United)

48. Peter Brabrook (Chelsea)

49. Don Howe (West Bromwich Albion)

50. Ray Pointer (Burnley)

51. John Connelly (Burnley)

52. Johnny Brooks (Brentford)

53. Bobby Charlton (Manchester United)

54. Bobby Smith (Tottenham Hotspur)

55. Johnny Gordon (Portsmouth)

56. Jimmy Scoular (Bradford Park Avenue)

57. Dave MacLaren (Plymouth Argyle)

58. Jim Dudley (Walsall)

59. Ken Leek (Newcastle United)

60. Brian Miller (Burnley)

61. K. Taylor (Huddersfield Town)

62. Ian Greaves (Oldham Athletic)

63. Noel Cantwell (Manchester United)

64. Stan Crowther (Brighton & Hove Albion)


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