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1958 Editora Aquarela - Brasil Campeão Mundial Futebol 1958


Produced by Editora Aquarela Ltda. this album was created to commemorate the 1958 World Cup victory of the Brazilian National Team.

The album contains the portraits of the members of the Brazilian squad. There are a total of 24 perforated stickers and the album comes in three different variations.

  1. Black Numbers (1st print)

  2. Blue Numbers (2nd print)

  3. Small (25mm x 38mm)

The stickers come in the form of uncut sheets that are perforated.

The album also contains one of the most commonly found Pele stickers but regardless it is still tough to find and poor condition graded copies sell for thousands.

Pop Report for Grading Companies


1. Gilmar

2. De Sordi

3. Bellini

4. Zito

5. Orlando

6. N. Santos

7. Garrincha

8. Didi

9. Vava

10. Pele

11. Zagalo

12. Amaral

13. Americo

14. Castilho

15. D. Santos

16. Mauro

17. Dino

18. Zozimo

19. Oreco

20. Joel

21. Moacir

22. Mazzola

23. Dida

24. Pepe


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