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1958 Cadet Sweets - Footballers

There are two versions of this set. The inverted back is from 1958 and the normal back is from 1959. The rookie for Jimmy Greaves and Bobby Charlton are in this set.


1. Bobby Robson (West Bromwich)

2. Peter Broadbent (Wolves and England)

3. Peter McParland (Aston Villa & Ireland)

4. Billy Liddell (Liverpool & Scotland)

5. Ivor Allchurch (Swansea & Wales)

6. Harry Gregg (Manchester United and Ireland)

7. Billy Foulkes (Manchester United and England)

8. Dennis Viollet (Manchester United)

9. Alf McMichael (Newcastle & Ireland)

10. George Eastham (Newcastle)

11. Tommy Thompson (Preston and England)

12. Leslie Smith (Aston Villa)

13. W. Perry (Blackpool and England)

14. Terry Medwin (Spurs and Wales)

15. W. Slater (Wolves and England)

16. George Shaw (Sheffield United)

17. Bill Cunningham (Leicester and Ireland)

18. R. Keith (Newcastle & Ireland)

19. Wilbur Cush (Leeds and Ireland)

20. Alan Finney (Sheffield Wednesday)

21. W. Wright (Wolves and England)

22. Tommy Younger (Liverpool & Scotland)

23. T. Banks (Bolton and England)

24. Bobby Mitchell (Newcastle & Scotland)

25. R. Charlton (Manchester United and England)

26. Mel Hopkins (Spurs and Wales)

27. John Hewie (Charlton & Scotland)

28. Jackie Mudie (Blackpool & Scotland)

29. Danny Blanchflower (Spurs and N. Ireland)

30. A. Harrington (Cardiff and Wales)

31. Jimmy McIlroy (Burnley & N. Ireland)

32. Brian Clough (Middlesbrough)

33. Nat Lofthouse (Bolton and England)

34. Tom Finney (Preston and Wales)

35. Alan A'Court (Liverpool and England)

36. Jimmy Greaves (Chelsea)

37. C. Hurley (Sunderland and Eire)

38. Don Howe (W.B.A. and England)

39. Bryan Douglas (Blackburn and England)

40. Dave Bowen (Arsenal and Wales)

41. Mel Charles (Swansea and Wales)

42. Johnny Haynes (Fulham and England)

43. Bert Trautmann (Manchester City)

44. Stanley Matthews (Blackpool & England)

45. Eddie Hopkinson (Bolton and England)

46. Jack Kelsey (Arsenal and Wales)

47. Cliff Jones (Spurs and Wales)

48. Colin McDonald (Burnley and England)

49. Derek Kevan (West Bromwich and England)

50. Eddie Hopkinson (Bolton and England)

1958 Cadet Sweets. - Jimmy Greaves (Rookie)


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