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1958 Alifabolaget World Cup


The Alifabolaget set dates way back to 1949. The 1958 instalment includes stickers related to the World Cup and includes stickers numbered between 615 to 650. Swedish, Brazilian, West German, and Welsh players form part of the set.

The stickers 1 to 614 in this set are from past years and feature domestic Swedish players and are not a part of the World Cup print run

The Alifabolaget set is often considered one of the most iconic sets in the entire soccer card collecting hobby. This is because it contains the holy grail of the hobby: 1958 Alifabolaget Pele #635. The Pele will cost the buyer at least five digits even in the lowest grade.

As of 2021, the Alifabolaget Pele is the most expensive soccer card of all time. The PSA 9 Pele sold for $900'000 on November 11, 2021.

Pop Report for Grading Companies

1958 Alifabolaget: Pele (PSA 9)


615. Bengt Gustavsson (Sverige)

616. Sigge Parling (Sverige)

617. Kurt Hamrin (Sverige)

618. Gunnar Gren (Sverige)

619. Lennart Skoglund (Sverige)

620. Agne Simonsson (Sverige)

621. Nils Liedholm (Sverige)

622. Kalle Svensson (Sverige)

623. Orvar Bergmark (Sverige)

624. Sven Axbom (Sverige)

625. Gylmar (Brasilien)

626. Djalma Santos (Brasilien)

627. Nilton Santos (Brasilien)

628. Zito (Brasilien)

629. Zagallo (Brasilien)

630. Bellini (Brasilien)

631. Orlando (Brasilien)

632. Garrincha (Brasilien)

633. Didi (Brasilien)

634. Vava (Brasilien)

635. Pelé (Brasilien)

636. Heinz Wewers (Tyskland - West Germany)

637. Heinz Kwiatkowski (Tyskland - West Germany)

638. Georg Stollenwerk (Tyskland - West Germany)

639. Freddy Kalbassa (Tyskland - West Germany)

640. Hans Sturm (Tyskland - West Germany)

641. Karl Heinz Schnellinger (Tyskland - West Germany)

642. Helmut Rahn (Tyskland - West Germany)

643. Horst Szymaniak (Tyskland - West Germany)

644. Hans Cieslarsyk (Tyskland - West Germany)

645. Hans Schafer (Tyskland - West Germany)

646. G. Erhardt (Tyskland - West Germany)

647. John Charles (Wales)

648. Mel Charles (Wales)

649. Team Photo (Brasilien)

650. Team Photo (Tyskland - West Germany)


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