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1958-59 A&BC Chewing Gum, Footballers



Pack Wrapper for Set

The 1958 set is A&BC's first set dedicated to footballers. The cards were released in two series.

- Series 1: 1 to 46

- Series 2: 47 to 92.

There appears to be no checklist card included with this set.

Among the Series 1 cards there is a variation between the cards that include the Planet offer on top and those that did not include the offer. The 'Planet' cards have black and red backs, while the non-Planet cards have blue and red backs. Cards without the offer were also slightly smaller in size.

All of the cards in Series 2 are meant to have the Planet offer on the top although some did cut the top off.

The most notable card from this set is the Bobby Charlton rookie card but other sought after cards include the Bobby Robson rookie and the Stanley Matthews.


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Scan of 1958 A&BC Footballers

Series 1 (Organized according to Checklist)

Series 2 (Organized according to Checklist)



Obtained from Alan Jenkins' Blog

Series 1 (1 to 46)

1. Eddie Baily (Notts Forest)

2. James Guy Barret (Notts Forest)

3. Robert Charlton (Manchester United)

4. John Knight Mudie (Blackpool)

5. Brian Clough (Middlesbrough)

6. Stewart Grenville Williams (W.B.A.)

7. Robert William Robson (W.B.A.)

8. Richard Matheson Keith (Newcastle)

9. Raymond John Barlow (W.B.A.)

10. Colin MacDonald (Burnley)

11. Edwin George Ditchburn (Spurs)

12. Ronald Leslie Baynham (Luton)

13. Alan Jack Arnell (Liverpool)

14. Alan A'Court (Liverpool)

15. John Frederick Bond (West Ham)

16. John Hewie (Charlton A.)

17. William Cunningham (Leicester)

18. Peter McParland (Aston Villa)

19. Derek Gilbert Ufton (Charlton A.)

20. Derek Robert Tapscott (Arsenal)

21. Alan Shackleton (Burnley)

22. Albert Cheesebrough (Burnley)

23. William John Slater (Wolves)

24. Harry Kenneth Leyland (Blackburn)

25. Derek Kevan (West Bromwich Abion)

26. Terence Cameron Medwin (Spurs)

27. William Eckersley (Blackburn R.)

28. Donald Howe (W.B.A.)

29. Tom Finney (Preston North End)

30. Robert Smith (Tottenham Hotspur)

31. William Wright (Wolverhampton)

32. Melvyn Hopkins (Tottenham Hotspur)

33. Donald Revie (Sunderland)

34. Leonard Stanley Duquemin (Spurs)

35. Ronald S.M. Reynolds (Spurs)

36. Sydney William Owen (Luton Town)

37. James McIlroy (Burnley)

38. John Alan Molyneux (Liverpool)

39. Malcolm Allison (West Ham)

40. John Thomas Dixon (Aston Villa)

41. Robert Evans (Glasgow Celtic)

42. George Robb (Tottenham Hotspur)

43. Tommy Banks (Bolton Wanderers)

44. Thomas Smith Cummings (Burnley)

45. James William Thomas Hill (Fulham)

46. Nat Lofthouse (Bolton Wanderers)

Series 2 (47 to 92)

47. Douglas Cowie (Dundee)

48. Derek Sullivan (Cardiff City)

49. William Cush (Leeds United)

50. Albert Dunlop (Everton)

51. Robert Collins (Celtic)

52. Jeffrey Hall (Birmingham City)

53. John Haynes (Fulham)

54. Ivor John Allchurch (Swansea)

55. Peter John Atyeo (Bristol City)

56. David Lloyd Bowen (Arsenal)

57. Kenneth Thomson (Stoke City)

58. Thomas Docherty (Preston North End)

59. Melvyn Charles (Swansea)

60. James Dickinson (Portsmouth)

61. Stanley Matthews (Blackpool)

62. Ernest James Langley (Fulham)

63. Bedford Jezzard (Fulham)

64. Thomas Younger (Liverpool)

65. Alan Duncan Brown (Luton Town)

66. Alfred Walter Fielding (Everton)

67. Philip Edward Gunter (Portsmouth)

68. Thomas Edwin Jones (Everton)

69. Edward Hopkinson (Bolton)

70. George Reginald Cohen (Fulham)

71. Geoffrey Bradford (Bristol Rovers)

72. Thomas Johnston (Blackburn Rovers)

73. Bryan Douglas (Blackburn Rovers)

74. Kenneth Taylor (Huddersfield Town)

75. Ronald Clayton (Blackburn Rovers)

76. Victor Metcalfe (Huddersfield Town)

77. Harry Gregg (Manchester United)

78. Robert Seith (Burnley)

79. Noel Cantwell (West Ham United)

80. Colin Webster (Manchester United)

81. Clifford William Jones (Spurs)

82. James Adamson (Burnley)

83. Stanley Mortensen (Southport)

84. Alfred McMichael (Newcastle United)

85. James J.S. Imlach (Notts Forest)

86. Kenneth R. Rudham (Liverpool)

87. Roy T.F. Bentley (Fulham)

88. Danny Blanchflower (Spurs)

89. Kenneth Rea (Everton)

90. James Tansey (Everton)

91. Maurice Setters (W.B.A.)

92. William L. Bingham (Luton Town)

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Apr 25, 2023
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

I have the two sets of these cards in excellent condition minus one in the set 47/92 that I would like to have a valuation on with view of selling please.


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