1951-52 Champaña Castellblanch - Primer Gran Concurso

1951 Champaña Castellblanch - Kubala (Rookie)


This set of 24 card were produced by Champagne producer Castellblanch as part of a promotion for their product.

The cards feature the starters from the two Catalan teams in the Spanish La Liga from the 1951-52 season which were R.C.D. Espanyol and F.C. Barcelona. The iconic and most sought after card in this set is the Kubala, which is his true rookie.

The promotion for this set stated that if a collector was able to complete a team set of cards that they would be able to swap the cards for a bottle of Castellblanch Champagne and be entered into a draw to possibly win a trip to Paris, a motorcycle, a Gold Omega watch, or a portable typewriter.

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The Back of the Card


Ramallets (Club de Futbol Barcelona)

César (Club de Futbol Barcelona)

Biosca (Club de Futbol Barcelona)

Kubala (Club de Futbol Barcelona)

Gonzalvo III (Club de Futbol Barcelona)

Calvet (Club de Futbol Barcelona)

Segarra (Club de Futbol Barcelona)

Nicolau (Club de Futbol Barcelona)

Aldecoa (Club de Futbol Barcelona)

Basora (Club de Futbol Barcelona)

Seguer (Club de Futbol Barcelona)

Martin (Club de Futbol Barcelona)

Colino (R.C.Deportivo Español)

Parra (R.C.Deportivo Español)

Marcet (R.C.Deportivo Español)

Flotats (R.C.Deportivo Español)

Arca (R.C.Deportivo Español)

Babot (R.C.Deportivo Español)

Diego (R.C.Deportivo Español)

Argilés (R.C.Deportivo Español)

Piquin (R.C.Deportivo Español)

Celma (R.C.Deportivo Español)

Trías (R.C.Deportivo Español)

Egea (R.C.Deportivo Español)

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