1941 Obsequio del Cromo Estudiantil

This series features the players from the Spanish National Team and highlights the players name, position and current club. The back provides information as to how to obtain the cards. To obtain cards a person must return 10 of the companies wrappers back.


1 Martorell (D. Español) 3 Oceja (Athletic Club) 4 Arqueta (Athletic Club)

5 Gabilondo (A. Aviación)

6 Germán (A. Aviación) 7 Mateo (Sevilla C. F.)

8 Epi (Valencia) 9 Alonso (R. Madrid) 10 Mundo (Valencia) 11 Campos (A. Aviación)

12 Bravo (Barcelona C. F.)


14 Machín (A. Aviación)

15 Gorostiza (Valencia)

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