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1936 Nobleza de Tabacos - Leyes de Football (Album)

This album was produced in 1936 by Compania Nobleza de Tabacos in Argentina. The card features some of the top players of the Argentine Primera Division. The back of the cards feature a diagram explaining the rules around various parts and situations in a football game.

This album features 50 cards which is small but it is a very stacked line up. The album includes iconic footballer such as Arsenio Erico, Adolfo Pedernera, and Jose Manuel Moreno. The set also features Carlos Peucelle.

Iconic Cards from this Set

There are two slight differences in some cards

  • front in black and white, black text on the back

  • greenish front, red text on the back

Album Cover

Pop Report for Grading Companies

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PSA does not grade this set quite yet

Card Gallery

Massive thank you to ferchu22 from the Vintage Soccer Cards Discord


Complete checklist thanks to Pip from Vintage Soccer Cards Discord

  1. A. Pedernera

  2. A. Wergifker

  3. C. Peucelle

  4. A. Curti

  5. A. Bosio

  6. A. Cuello

  7. C. Martinez

  8. S. Colleta

  9. J. Zorrilla

  10. R. Basilico

  11. R. Cavadini

  12. A. Naon

  13. C. Wilson

  14. H. Masantonio

  15. A. Scarcella

  16. E. A. Forrester

  17. I. Arrese

  18. R. Alarcon

  19. S. Gualco

  20. A. Arrieta

  21. L. A. Gilli

  22. D. Garcia

  23. A. Chividini

  24. M. Scavone

  25. J. Castillo

  26. V. Zito

  27. A. Scopelli

  28. J.M. Minella

  29. B. Ferreyra

  30. J.M. Moreno

  31. E. Vernieres

  32. J.M. Gonzalez

  33. A. De Mare

  34. B. Martin

  35. R.J Novara

  36. J.E Yustrich

  37. P.A Suarez

  38. D. Benitez Caceres

  39. F. Varallo

  40. E. Lazzatti

  41. A. Erico

  42. A. Tenorio

  43. V. Valussi

  44. R. Cherro

  45. E. Barrera

  46. L. Fazio

  47. F. Bello

  48. A. Sastre

  49. J.C. Corazzo

  50. L. Matta

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