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1935 Cigarrillos Argos - Serie de Figuritas



The 1935 Cigarrillos Argos were figurines/cards from 1935 that were issued in packs of Cigarettes from the brand Argos. The players featured were from the Argentina Primera Division. The figurines feature a glossy front and a portrait shot of the player. The notable card in this set is the Adolfo Pedernera rookie.

These cards are considered some of the most beautiful pre-war cards available and have become highly sought after by collectors due to their rarity.

Back of the Card


Card Gallery



Roberto Cherro (Boca Juniors)

Arsenio Erico (Independiente) - @norcal_cards707

Raimundo Orsi (Independiente)

Adolfo Pedernera (River Plate) - @elrey_collection

Bernabe Fereyra (River Plate) - @elrey_collection

Carlos Peucelle (River Plate) - @elrey_collection

Jose Minella (River Plate)


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