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1934 Figuritas Campeonato

These figurines are made of metal and depict players from the Argentinian Primera Division

Card Gallery


1 Cherro (Boca Juniors)

3 Varallo (Boca Juniors)

4 Bidoglio (Boca Juniors

13 Cusatti (Boca Juniors)

17 Ferreira (River Plate)

43 Perez (Platense)

50 Beristain (Platense)

52 Speron (Platense)

68 Renganeschi (Independiente)

70 Bello (Independiente)

93 Palomino (Gimnasia LP)

95 Minella (Gimnasia LP)

98 Presasco (Vélez Sarsfield)

99 Retta (Vélez Sarsfield)

100 Reuben (Vélez Sarsfield)

102 Rodriguez (Vélez Sarsfield)

104 Olano (Vélez Sarsfield)

105 Novara (Vélez Sarsfield)

106 Forrester (Vélez Sarsfield)

110 Iribarren (Chacarita)

111 Rosello (Chacarita)

113 VIllagra (Chacarita)

115 Valussi (Chacarita)

124 Villavicencio (Talleres)

125 Romano (Talleres)


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