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1934 Carreras - Footballers

The 1934 Footballers set by Carreras Cigarettes is one of the most iconic footballer cigarette card sets that features portraits of British football's most iconic players of the time.

The cards were included in packs of cigarettes and there are a total of 75 cards to collect in the set.

The most sought after card in the set is the Stanley Matthews rookie featuring his portrait shot at Stoke City.

Another prominent player from this set is Dixie Dean from Everton F.C.

Front and Back of the Card (Two Different Versions)

Pop Report for Grading Companies

1934 Carreras Footballers - Dixie Dean


1. Alex. James (Arsenal)

2. J. McDougall (Sunderland)

3. W. Amos (Bury)

4. G. Hunt (Tottenham Hotspur)

5. J. Arnold (Fulhan)

6. T.B. Hetherington (Burnley)

7. W. Lowton (Wolverhampton Wanderers)

8. J. Bruton (Blackburn Rovers)

9. O. Jones (Port Vale)

10. D. Tremelling (Bury)

11. L. Stoker (Birmingham City)

12. H. Pearson (West Bromwich Albion)

13. J. Allen (Newcastle United)

14. S. Cowan (Manchester City)

15. A. Campbell (Huddersfield Town)

16. J. Beresford (Aston Villa)

17. J. Barrett (West Ham United)

18. G. Camsell (Middlesbrough)

19. R. Barclay (Sheffield United)

20. G. Taylor (Bolton Wanderers)

21. R. Kelly (Preston North End)

22. G. Henderson (Barnsley)

23. H. Gallacher (Chelsea)

24. H. Hanford (Swansea Town)

25. J.G. Bestall (Grimsby Town)

26. W. Thompson (Nottinghan Forest)

27. E. Blenkinsop (Liverpool)

28. W. Tabram (Hull City)

29. J. Nichol (Portsmouth)

30. W. Evans (Tottenham Hotspur)

31. S. Crooks (Derby County)

32. E. Hine (Manchester United)

33. E. Hart (Leeds United)

34. W.R. Dean (Everton)

35. H. Davies (Stoke City)

36. J. Spence (Bradford City)

37. H. Adcock (Leicester City)

38. J. Brown (Sheffield Wednesday)

39. D. Jack (Arsenal)

40. A. Black (Leicester City)

41. R. Goodall (Huddersfield Town)

42. H. Hibbs (Birmingham City)

43. F. Gilfillan (Portsmouth)

44. D. Astley (Aston Villa)

45. J. Holliday (Brentford)

46. M. Webster (Middlesbrough)

47. J. Connor (Sunderland)

48. J. Allen (Aston Villa)

49. J. Bowers (Derby County)

50. J. Smith (Portsmouth)

51. J. Cookson (Plymouth Argyle)

52. W. McGonagle (Glasgow Celtic)

53. E. Glover (Grimsby Town)

54. R. McPhail (Glasgow Rangers)

55. W. Porter (Oldham Athletic)

56. C. Wharton (Norwich City)

57. H.R. Scriven (Southampton)

58. E. Brook (Manchester City)

59. J. McClelland (Bradford)

60. G. Hodgson (Liverpool)

61. V. Woodley (Chelseea)

62. E. Critchley (Preston North End)

63. J. Milburn (Leeds United)

64. J. Hampson (Blackpool)

65. T. Cooper (Derby County)

66. J. McGrory (Glasgow Celtic)

67. J. Weddle (Portsmouth)

68. G. Mills (Chelsea)

69. S. Matthews (Stoke City)

70. J. Hulme (Arsenal)

71. J.A. Johnston (Heart of Midlothian)

72. W. Cresswell (Everton)

73. E. Rimmer (Sheffield Wednesday)

74. C. Bastin (Arsenal)

75. T. Glidden (West Bromwich Albion)


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