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1934-36 Pour La Noblesse

These figurines appeared in the packs of "Pour La Noblesse" cigarettes between 1934 and 1936. There are figurines with large letters and with small letters. The ones with small letters are from 1934 and the ones with large letters are from 1935/6.

Teams: Boca, River, Racing, Independiente, San Lorenzo, Huracan, Estudiantes, Gimnasia, Velez, Chacarita, Ferro and Platense. With 14 figurines each.

In 1935, the Pour La Noblesse Escudo Colorado cigarette boxes offered a collection of 50 color die-cut figurines of the prominent footballers of Boca, River, Independiente, Racing, San Lorenzo, Huracan, Estudiantes and Gimnasia.

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Ernesto Ducchini (Chacarita)

Ferrari (Chacarita)

Irribarren (Chacarita)

Ruiz Diaz (Chacarita)

Capuano (Estudiantes)

Arcadio Lopez (Ferro)

Horacio Noseda (Ferro)

Spitale (Ferro)

Federice (Huracan)

Campilongo (Platense)

Corral (Platense)

Ferrario (Platense)

Sanchez (Pratense)

Del Giudice (Racing)

Forrester (Velez)

Maggiolo (Velez)

Mayo (Velez)

Novara (Velez)

Sanabria (Velez)

Sanz (Velez)


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