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1932 Galletas La Industria Española Album

This album has a variety of topics that range from notable views, Spanish monuments, explorers and conquistadors, and footballers. The area that covers footballers includes 50 stickers. The players covered span the clubs of Spain from around the country.


1 Antero (C.D. Alavés) 2 Jesús (Betis C.F.) 3 Hilario (Madrid C.F.) 4 Lafuente (Athletic Club Bilbao)

5 Samitier (F.C. Barcelona) 6 Zamora (Madrid C.F.) 7 Prats (Madrid C.F.) 8 Blasco (Athletic Club Bilbao) 9 Molina (Valencia C.F.) 10 Nebot (Valencia C.F.) 11 Mas (F.C. Barcelona) 12 Losada (Athletic Club Madrid)

13 Urquiri (C.D. Alavés) 14 Garmendia (Donostia F. C.) 15 Iglesias (Sevilla F. C.)

16 Piera (F.C. Barcelona) 17 Gamborena (Unión Club de Irún) 18 Emery (Unión Club de Irún) 19 Muguerza (Athletic Club Bilbao) 20 Roberto Echavarría (Athletic Club Bilbao)

21 Ceballos (R.C.Santader) 22 Solá (R.C.Santader) 23 García de la Puerta (Betis C.F.) 24 Monje (R.C.Córdoba) 25 Solé (Español F.C.) 26 Arocha (F.C. Barcelona) 27 Bienzobas (Donostia F. C.) 28 Cuesta (Athletic Club Madrid) 29 Padrón (Sevilla C.F.) 30 Aguirrezabal (Athletic Club Bilbao) 31 Quincoces (Madrid F. C.) 32 Ciriaco (Madrid F. C.) 33 Marculeta (Donostia F. C.)

34 Gorostiza (Athletic Club Bilbao)

35 Romero (R. C. Córdoba) 36 Brand (Sevilla F. C.) 37 Llantada (Arenas C. de G.) 38 Cilaurren (Arenas C. de G.)

39 Oscar (Santander R. C.) 40 Triana (Madrid F. C.) 41 Zabalo (F. C. Barcelona)

42 Goiburu (F.C. Barcelona)

43 Olivares (Madrid F. C.) 44 Regueiro (Madrid F. C.) 45 Campanal (Sevilla C.F.) 46 Ventolrá (Sevilla F.C.) 47 Yermo (Arenas C. de G.) 48 Santos (F.C. Barcelona) 49 Santos (Athletic Club Madrid)

50 Sedeño (Sevilla F.C.)


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