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1931-33 Cigarrillos Vencedores - Figuritas de Futbol



This set of cards from Argentina are arguably the most beautiful set in existence from Argentina during this era. This set is ridiculously hard to find and finding these cards has proven to be nearly impossible. What is known is that these cards come from Cigarette packs and that they were distributed in different series.


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(C, 10) Manuel Seoane (Independiente)

(C, 15) Juan Evaristo (Boca Juniors)

(C, 26) Andres Garramendi (C.A. Central Cordoba)

(C, 28) Agustin Peruch (C.A. Newells Old Boys)

(C, 83) Pedro Ochoa (Racing Club)

(C, 122) J. Bottazzo (Buenos Aires)

(C, 156) Pedro Amilaga (C.A. Tucuman)

(D, 165) Pedro Chalu (Buenos Aires)

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Noel Wrye
Noel Wrye
02 févr. 2023

Love seeing these cards included here - I have this one and will see if i can add some more information

Daniel Denegri
Daniel Denegri
12 mars 2023
En réponse à

That would be fantastic. Congrats on the card and thanks for the help!


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