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1930 Grande Manufactura Brasileira de Bombons S/A - Balas Sportmans

This set of stickers are one of the earliest ever produced in Brazil. The set includes portrait shots of players from clubs across Brazil.

Card Library


4. Fried "Friedenreich" (Sao Paolo F. C.)

8. Milton (Sao Paolo F. C.)

14. Pepe (Palestra Italia)

22. Nascimento (Palestra Italia)

25. Guimaraes (Corinthians)

26. Munhoz (Corinthians)

30. Filo (Corinthians)

32. Gambinha (Corinthians)

42. Soares (Sao Bento)

80. Moacyr (Juventus)

119. Cabral (Portuguesa)

122. Odilon (Guarany F. C.)

125. Raphael (Guarany F. C.)

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