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1930 El Titan



This set of cards came in the form of an accordion booklet that featured a team photo and the portraits of the main players from the Uruguayan National Team for the 1930 World Cup. The promotional piece was printed as promotional material by a popular bar in Montevideo named "El Titan."

The cards themselves measure 3'' x 1.75'


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Scarone - 1930

Andrade - 1930

Nassazzi - 1930

Iriarte - 1930

Gestido - 1930

Fernandez - 1930

Cea - 1930

Anselmo -1930

Castro - 1930

Dorado - 1930

Tejera - 1930

Ballestero - 1930

Capuccini - 1930

Urdinaran - 1930

Delegacion Uruguaya


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Aug 29, 2023

exists the same set issued by BAYER laboratories too, different cover only, same cards inside


Noel Wrye
Noel Wrye
Dec 03, 2022

Here they are - blank on the back


Noel Wrye
Noel Wrye
Dec 03, 2022

Excellent run down of this set - I enjoyed the background! Additionally I have 2 other cards that are not on this checklist: Urdinaran and Capuccini (tried to attach a picture but wouldnt let me). Of note, all of El Titan cards I own are blank on the back and were issued in the typical accordion style


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