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1930 Colleccion Caramelos Campeones Argentinos

These cards were made in the year 1930 in the city of Rosario. The main feature of the set is the Newells Old Boys players from that year.

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11 Fermin Lecea (NOB)

12 Julian Sosa (NOB)

19 Segundo Luna (NOB)

27 Walter Ahumuller (NOB)

32 Ginet Burset (Club Atletico Argentino)

34 Ildefonso Bureu (NOB)

39 Geronimo Diaz (NOB)

41 Antonio Mansilla (Club Atletico Central Cordoba)

43 Maximo Fernandez (NOB)

44 Eduardo Bonzi (Tiro Federal)

47 Celestino Lopez (Tiro Federal)


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