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1927 Tip. Lit. J. M. Arnau - Baraja Futbolista

This deck of playing cards contains 48 cards with caricatures and drawings of players on the front, and on the back it features action shots of football along with space for advertisements. The first 7 cards are "Gold" and feature the profile shots of the best Spanish players at the time.

There are many back variations due to the advertisements and below is the extensive lists of different backs:

1 Dimas Alonso Valladolid 2 Chocolates Santa Ana 3 Chocolates La España – Madrid 4 Chocolates Sucesores de Hijas de Zuricalday – Bilbao-Pozuelo 5 Compañía Nacional Chocolates Agustinos - Madrid 6 Chocolates Ezquerra 7 Chocolates y Cafés Ara (Zaragoza) 8 El Automóvil Chocolates Finos Manuel Rivero – Santander 9 Chocolates “San Marcos” – León 10 La Universal, Fábrica de Chocolates José Marñia Azanza – Zaragoza 11 Chocolates “San Antonio”. Tostadero de café sucesor de Dimas Alonso – Valladolid 12 Chocolates “Amalia”, Gregorio Abelló – Zaragoza 13 Fábrica de chocolates Hijos de Marco Tonda – Villajoyosa (Alicante) 14 “El Automóvil” Chocolates finos. Manuel Rivero – Santander 15 Chocolates “El Barco”, hijo de Pedro Lloret Vaello – Villajoyosa (Alicante) 16 Dulces y chocolates Vicente Roselló S.A. – Palma de Mallorca 17 Chocolates, bombones y caramelos Piera y Brugueras – Tarrasa (Barcelona)


1 Zamora 2 Vidal / Platko 3 Travieso/ Sancho/ Piera 4 Bordoy/ Pelaó/ Carmelo/ Peña 5 Alcázar / Sagi-Barba / Samitier / Montes / Spencer 6 Juliá / Alcántara / Cubells / Polo / René Petit / Cros 7 Aguirrezabala/ Eguiazábal/ Surroca/ Marculeta/ Pellicer/ Emery/ Martí 10 Principio del partido. El saque (kick-off)


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