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1926 Chocolates Amatller - Obsequio (Vasos de Papel)

A rare and fascinating set of small paper cups that feature some of the stars in Spanish culture and society. The collection appears to feature 12 personalities but unfortunately the checklist below is incomplete.

The front of the card features a portrait shot of the personality, and the back is simply white. It is highly likely that these cards (paper cups) could be found in chocolates or candies when clients would buy from the Amatller brand.


Samitier – El Mago del Balón

Zamora – .... Lindbergh – El Loco del Aire Rodolfo Valentino – El P ́rincipe del cine

De Pinedo – El As de la aviación italiana

Raquel Meller – Princesa de la voz de Oro


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