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1925 "Reclamos" Robert Pons - Jugadores Notables

This set features 25 of the most notable footballers in Spanish football at the time. This set has two variations, one where the cards are made from card stock, and another where the cards are made of paper.

On the Right is the Card Stock, On the Left is the Paper

The cards were produced by "Reclamos" Robert Pons and issued to Chocolate companies or Pharmacies to include in their products to consumers where they could be collected.

The cards also have a large variety of back variations given the different advertisements on the back of the cards. Listed below are the different backs:

1 Fábrica de Chocolates Justo Giner 2 Paraula de Rey Fábrica de alpargatas de José Amorós Irles 3 “El León” Fábrica de Chocolates –Manuel Asensi 4 Droguería Santa María de Pedro Carrillo (Córdoba) 5 Chocolates “El castillo” – Alicante 6 Bodega yeclana de Antonio Pérez – Alicante 7 Francisco Sampedro Nadal Comestibles Finos – Alicante


1 Juanito Caballero del Racing de Madrid 2 Reyes del Valencia F.C. 3 Carmelo Goyenechea del Athletic de Bilbao

4 Montes del Valencia F.C. 5 Oscar Alvarez del R. Stadium de Oviedo 6 Juanito Monjardín del Real Madrid 7 Rino del Valencia F.C. 8 Alanga del C.D. Castellón 9 Torregrosa del C.N. Alicante 10 Peral del Valencia F.C. 11 Esteban del Valencia F.C. 12 Laviña del C.N. Alicante 13 Cubells del Valencia F.C. 14 Pagán del Murcia F.C. 15 Ramonzuelo del C.N. Alicante 16 Bayo del Cartagena F.C. 17 Rubio C.D. Castellón 18 Arróniz del Gimnástico F.C. 19 Cross del C.D. Europa 20 Gamborena del R. U. Irún 21 Samitier del Barcelona F. C.

22 Marcet del C.S. de Sabadell

23 Ventura del Gimnástico F.C.

24 Arnet del Gimnástico F.C.

25 Martínez del C. D. Castellón

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