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1924 Tip. Lit. T. Franch - Jugadores Notables

This set of 22 cards features an action shot along with a player portrait. On the outside borders of the card the collector can identify the card number, card name and the set that this card belongs to. The backs of the card are originally blank but there are also different variations featuring different advertisers and advertisements.

The majority of the players in this set are from F.C. Barcelona with some players from R.C.D. Espanyol, Sevilla, Athletic Bilbao, S. Gijon, Real Madrid, Valencia, and C.D. Europa also being featured.

The different back variations for the card:

1 Chocolates Orthi 2 Julián López Ruano Librería – Almansa (Albacete) 3 Sastrería Angel del Río 4 La millor espardenya – Fàbrica d’espardenyes 5 Embutidos Finos Conte-Lacoste. Olot (Gerona) 6 “La económica”. Alpargatería de Enrique Benavent. – Valencia. 7 Kiosco del Portillo – Córdoba 8 Sombrerería Diego Ruiz. – Córdoba 9 Chocolates Hueso – Ateca (Zaragoza) 10 S. Jiménez Santa Coloma, Dentista (Barcelona) 11 Casa Layret 12 Café La Pajarita (Albacete)


1 Aspecto que ofrece el campo del F. C. Barcelona durante un partido (The word “Aspecto” is incorrectly written as “Especto”) 2 Zamora (R. C. D. Español) 3 Planas (F. C: Barcelona) 4 Herminio (Sevilla F. C.) 5 Peña (A. de Bilbao) (error, this player played for Arenas de Getxo) 6 Sancho (F. C. Barcelona) 7 Carulla (F.C. Barcelona) 8 Meana (S. Gijón) 9 Piera (F.C. Barcelona) 10 Martí (F.C. Barcelona) 11 Pascual (F. C. Barcelona)

12 Benítez (R. T. N. Cádiz) 13 René-Petit (R. U. Irún) 14 Spencer (Sevilla F. C.) 15 Samitier (F. C. Barcelona)

17 Monjardín (R. F. C. Madrid)

18 Cros (C. D. Europa 19 Montes (F. C. Valencia) 20 Alcántara (F. C. Barcelona) 21 Aguirrezabala (A. Bilbao) 22 Sagi-Barba (F. C. Barcelona)

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