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1924 Tabacos La Flor Isleña - Album Las Palmas

This album produced by Tabacos La Flor Isleña, was produced to cover the teams based on the Canary Islands. The teams include Porteño F.C., Santa Catalina, C.D Gran Canaria, R.C Victoria, Marino C.F (Eventually most of these clubs would merge to form U.D. Las Palmas).

Backs of Both Series

The album provided was hardcover and the cards would be inserted into designated slots. The album also mentions that the cards come in two different sets (A and B) and that there are a total of 204 cards in the entire set. The checklist below is not complete.


Serie A

1 Marino F.C. 16 Ortíz (R. Victoria)

17 A. Rojas (Marino)

18 M. Ramos (Marino) 19 T. Garcias (Marino)

20 M. Gil (Marino) 21 J. Pérez (Marino) 26 D. Morales (Marino)

31 P. García (Marino) 96 Salamanca (Tenerife)

Serie B

Union del Puerto

Tiburcio Guillén

Porteño C.F.

J. Castro

Sindo J. Martín F. Álvarez M. Álvarez A. González

A. Figueira

Ramón García

J. Sousa J. Pérez García Ramos

Santa Catalina

A. Vidal

Delfín Pérez

Amador L. Cabrera


Oramas J. Gonzalez


Frías M. Cabrera J. Brizón F. Cabrera

C.D. Gran Canaria

A. Peñate A. García F. León F. García Artiles D. González J. Cruz A. Rivas Juan De Dios

Fausto P. Rodríguez

Suárez Válido

C.D. Gran Canaria

R.C. Victoria


Arocha Ortiz J. Prada

Álamo S. González

J. Correa

Armas M. Rivero F. Jiménez



Marino C.F.

A. Pérez M. Rodríguez

P. Curbeló F. Ramos F. Pérez M. Gil P. García R. González

J. Hernández

J. González

M. Santana

A. Rojas

Marino C.F.


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