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1924 Imprenta M. Garcia - Album Sport, Primer Equipo del ...

The cards in this set are 9 x 14 cm and on the front feature a full body image of the player along with their club and their name. The clubs that are featured in this set are the major Catalan clubs which are C.D. Europa, F.C. Barcelona, and R.C.D. Espanyol.

Each of the teams include a card at the beginning of their part of the set which features a club badge and the year which is either 1923-24 or 1924.

The back of the cards are a where advertisements of companies can be found, although there are some cards that simply have a blank back. Below are the different back variations

1 Gran Sastrería La Princesa (Equipos completos para Reclutas de Cuota) 2 Sastrería La Princesa 3 Muebles El 104 4 Sastrería El Campeón – Badalona 5 Landis Zapatería Eléctrica 6 Gran Sastrería Sant Jordi 7 Gran Sastrería Layetana 8 38 Gran Sastrería Layetana 38 9 El regalo de la reforma de Emilio Sala 10 Arturo Benlloch, fabricación de muebles, Barcelona


F.C. Barcelona

Primer Equipo del F. C. Barcelona

Carulla Torralba Sagi-Barba Surroca



Planas Sancho Marti Samitier Alcantara

R.C.D Español

Primer Equipo del R. C. D. Español

Zamora Lakatos Montesinos Caicedo Sanahuja Mallorquí Trabal Canals Juanico Olariaga

C.D. Europa

Primer Equipo del C. D. Europa

Bordoy Xavier











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