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1924 Cigarrillos Super

Any additional information on this set would be fantastic. Please leave any information in the comments.

Proof of Date

The Cigarrillos Super set can be dated to 1924 based on the age of some of the players that are listed on the card. Juan Anselmo is an example that can be used to date the Cigarrillos Super set.

Juan Anselmo was born on April 30, 1902 and on the back of his card listed below, it has his age listed as 22 years old. This means that the cards are most likely produced in the year 1924, latest 1925.

Back of One of the Cards

Card Gallery


1. J. Piendibene (Penarol)

13. A. Campolo (Penarol)

14. J. Andrade (Nacional)

38. Nazzasi (Bella Vista)

44. H. Scarone (Nacional)

82. P. Petrone (Nacional)

95. Andrade (Nacional)

38. R. Fiorentino (Nacional)

Serie II

113. Anselmo (Peñarol)


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