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1924 Anglo American Cigarette Co. Eindhoven (Moslem)

The 1924 Moslem cards are some of the earliest cards to cover football in the Netherlands. The cards feature portrait shots of Dutch players in black and white. They have the dimensions and appearances of cigarette cards from the United Kingdom.

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v. de Veer (Leeuwarden te Leeuwarden)

S. Wietsma (Leeuwarden te Leeuwarden)

J. v. d. Zee (Leeuwarden te Leeuwarden)

D. Steenbergen (Leeuwarden te Leeuwarden)

B. Schaafsma (Leeuwarden te Leeuwarden)

A. Delgrasso (Leeuwarden te Leeuwarden)

Fi. Tiemersma (Leeuwarden te Leeuwarden)

A. De Jager (Leeuwarden te Leeuwarden)

Th. Brokman (Ajax Amsterdam)

Koning (R.C.H. Haarlem)

A. Feelders (S.V.V. Schiedam)

D. Wagemakers (N.O.A.D. Tilburg)


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