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1923 Imprenta Editorial Milla / Jarabe Climent - Como juegan los ases del futbol

This set of 12 stickers is unnumbered and is of a larger size of 9 x 14 cm. On the back there is the advertisement for Jarabe Climent and a brief description of the player that is featured on the card. The card features two or more photographs where the player is in action.


Zamora (R. C. D. Español)

Piera (F. C. Barcelona)

Otero (R. Vigo F. C.) Cros (C. D. Europa) Félix Pérez (R. Madrid F. C.)

Cubells (F. C. Valencia) Montes (F. C. Valencia)

Alcántara (F. C. Barcelona)

Sancho (F. C. Barcelona)

Travieso (Athletic de Bilbao)

Belauste (Athletic de Bilbao)

Samitier (F. C. Barcelona)


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