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1922 Tip. Lit. F. Domingo - Foot-Ball Jugadores Notables

This set features 24 cards that are printed in color and have the dimensions of 10 x 7 cm. The card is designed to have both a portrait shot and an action shot of the same player in the background. The front is also where the card is numbered and identified.

The cards themselves feature the notable footballers from the Spanish clubs in La Liga.

Santiago Bernabeu

The cards were created by the publisher Tip. Lit. F. Domingo and were distributed in packs of candies by a wide variety of candy companies. Most of these companies were located in Valencia. This also means that there were a wide variety of backs for these cards

Listed Below are the different types of backs.

1 Dimas Alonso, Tostadero de Café, Valladolid 2 Chocolates Viladás 3 Chocolates Marca “El Puente” de Alcira 4 Fábrica de Chocolate Francisco de A. Seguí (Mahón) 5 Chocolates Ribes – Valencia 6 “La Elegancia” José Santos – Villarrobledo 7 Bazar y Fábrica de calzado Ildefonso Gomis – Valencia 8 Chocolate Romero – Benicarló (Castellón) 9 Chocolates marca “Dos globos” Sobrinos de Nicolás Giménez – Zaragoza 10 Chocolates F. Juan Guarro (Vilafranca del Penedés) 11 Chocolate “Supremo” Fabricante Enrique López Bustamante 12 Chocolates y Ceras Hijo de Evaristo Boixereu – Pobla de Segur 13 Fábrica de Chocolates de Tomás Tormo – Torrente (Valencia) 14 Los mejores chocolates “La Palentina Industrial” Quijada y San Mamés – Palencia 15 Chocolates Sultana y Americano – Joaquín Torner – Barcelona 16 Chocolates y Bombones J. Camps - Barcelona 17 Fábrica de Chocolates de Sebastián Prat – Barcelona 18 Fábrica de Chocolates Alejo Borrás – Barcelona 19 Chocolates Rius – Badalona 20 Chocolate y te Royal y cafés “La Pajarita” – Albacete 21 Fábrica de chocolates, bombomes, caramelos y membrillo “La Tropical” – Torredembarra (Tarragona) 22 Chocolates “EL Castillo”, Sixto Sánchez y Hermano – Alicante

23 Caramelos “La Pepita” – Rubí (Barcelona)

24 Fábrica de chocolates “Elefante” – Barcelona 25 Fábrica de chocolates Tomás Tormo – Torrente (Valencia) 26 – Chocolates “La Bargas” – Munilla (Logroño) 27 Afamados chocolates “Amadeo Pitarch) – Castellón de la Plana 28 Xocolata “Miquel Comas” – Barcelona

28 - Blank Back


1 Martínez Sagi del F.C. Barcelona 2 Ricardo Zamora del R.C.D. Español 3 Bruguera del F.C. Barcelona 4 Samitier del F.C. Barcelona 5 Bordoy del C.D. Europa 6 Bernabeu del Madrid 7 Artisus del C.D. Europa 8 Canals del R.C.D. Español 9 Pelaó del C.D. Europa 10 Peláez del Madrid 11 Juliá del C.D. Europa 12 Javier Bonet del C.D. Europa 13 Piera del F.C. Barcelona 14 Sancho de la U.S. de Sans 15 Alcázar del C.D. Europa 16 Alcántara del F.C. Barcelona 17 Cross del C.D. Europa 18 Arrate del R.S. Sebastian 19 Cabedo del C.S. de Sabadell 20 Torralba del F.C. Barcelona 21 Torres del Fna. de Vigo 22 Conrrado del F.C. Barcelona 23 Minguetti del Madrid 24 Blanco del F.C. Barcelona


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