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1922-23 Chocolate Orthi - Foot-Ball Equipo Nacional

This set was made by Chocolate Orthi in 1922 to highlight the players that make up the National Team. The set features a full body shot for each of the starting XI players and does so in an artistic painting style design. The cards were included in packages of the Chocolates Orthi within the year for collectors to collect.

Common Misconceptions about the Year of Publication

There has been some misconception about the year that this set was issued. PSA has the set labelled as being made in 1920 but this is not possible.

The back of the Ricardo Zamora card highlights Zamora's performance against France where he did not concede a single goal to the opposition. The first time that Spain played a football match against France was on April 30, 1922 and it was the National Team's 8th ever match.

The second time that France faced Spain was on January 28, 1923 where once again a clean sheet was kept by Zamora.

The most likely situation is that the cards were printed in 1922 after the first result against France but we can not rule out the possibility that the cards may have been printed in 1923 after the second result against France.


Zamora (R.C.D Espanyol)

Vallana (Defensa derecha - Arenas)

Careaga (Defensa izquierda - Arenas)

Meana (Medio centro - Esporting Gijón)

Samitier (Medio derecha - F.C. Barcelona)

Peña (Medio izquierda - Arenas)

Echeveste (Extremo derecha - R. Unión Irún)

Sesúmaga (Interior derecha - Atlétic de Bilbao)

Travieso (delantero centro - Atlétic de Bilbao)

Alcántara (Interior izquierda - F.C. Barcelona)

Acedo (Extremo izquierda - Atlétic de Bilbao)


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