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1922 Caramelos La Colmena - Jugadores de Futbol, Boxeadores y Artistas de Cine


This is the first of its kind Album in Spain that would be repeatedly distributed over the course of several years where players could collect and complete the Album. The stickers were of Spanish La Liga footballers, boxers, and movie stars. Future iterations of this album would be made under the name "Caramelos La Aldeana"

La Colmena was a candy factory that was based in the City of Bilbao.

In the album there are 66 stickers for footballers (A.C. Bilbao, R. Sociedad, F.C. Madrid, F.C. Sevilla, Barcelona, C.D. Europa). 30 boxers and 30 movie stars

Checklist for the Footballers Section

A.C. Bilbao

  1. Vidal

  2. Travieso

  3. German

  4. Rouse

  5. Acedo

  6. Goyenechea

  7. Larraza

  8. Sabino

F.C. Madrid


  1. Zamora

  2. Sancho

  3. Sorroca

  4. Alcantara

  5. Sagi-Barba

R.S. S. Sebastian

  1. Molina

  2. Arrate

F.C. Sevilla

C.D. Europa

  1. Cros

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