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1920s Chocolates Orthi - Jugadores Notables

The Chocolates Orthi set was made in the mid 1920s and features players portrait shot in the top right corner alongside a backdrop of the player in action.

All of these cards are made in an art form style rather than an actual photograph.

The cards feature the best players from a variety of teams across Spain.

Back of the Card


1. F.C. Barcelona

2. Zamora (R.C.D. Español)

3. Planas (F.C. Barcelona)

4. Herminio (Sevilla F.C.)

5. Peña (A. de Bilbao)

6. Sancho (F.C. Barcelona)

7. Carulla (F.C. Barcelona)

8. Meana (S. de Gijon)

9. Piera (F.C. Barcelona)


11. Pascual (F.C. Valencia)

12. Benitez (R.T.N. Cadiz)

13. René-Petit (R. U. Irún)

14. Spencer (Sevilla F.C.)

15. Samitier (F.C. Barcelona)


17. Monjardin (Real Madrid)

18. Cros, (C.D. Europa)

19. Montes (F.C. Valencia)

20. Alcántara (F. C. Barcelona)

21. Aguirrezabala (A. de Bilbao)

22. Sagi-Barba (F.C. Barcelona)


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