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1920s Chocolates "La Suiza"

From studying and analyzing the eBay listings of Uruguayan vendors, they all label this card as being from Chocolates "Suiza." Most also seem to date it to the 20s but there has not been a specific year confirmed for the card. I've seen people mention as far back as 1920.

The cards can vary based on the shade on the front of the card. There are a total of 75 cards that make up this set.

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1 Minoli

2 Nasazzi Cap.

3. H. Scarone

8. Pedro Cea

11 Arispe

13 Saldombide

14 Uriarte

17 Etchegoyea

20 Urdinaran

26 C. Scarone

27 Piazza

28 J. Legnazi

30 Lombardo juez

32 Benincasa

33 Campolo

34 Morales

42 Arremond

43 Aguerre

45 Bonini

49 Nogues

50 De Agustini

64 Uriarte

72 Artigas-Zibechi

74 Artigas pelotea

76 Casanello espera


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