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1911 Collection Cigarrillos Monterrey

The company Testoni, Chiesa & Cía marketed Monterrey Cigarettes from the early 1900s to 1911, making it one of the most popular cigarette brands in the country. Much of the success was due to the company's advertising strategy: they included figurines in their packages that could then be exchanged for valuable prizes. The company "La Cotizadora de Figuritas", owned by Nicolás Selva and with address at Avenida Corrientes 473, was the only authorized house for the exchange of Monterrey figurines, and the exchanges were made for valuable prizes, such as land in the area of ​​Villa Lugano, pounds sterling, annual subscriptions to Caras y Caretas magazine, portraits, etc. This set from 1911 was dedicated to Foot-Ball and is the earliest known football/soccer card set in Argentina's history

The Backs of the Cigarette Cards

Card Gallery


Brown de Santa Fe

Belgrano Atletico Club


Newells Old Boys (1)

Newells Old Boys (2)

Tiro Federal


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