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1907 Union (Cards)

The 1907 Union cards are the earliest known cards representing footballers from the Netherlands. Union is originally a cycling brand. The set features 30 total cards of which 17 are photographed below. These cards are extremely rare and hard to find.

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L. Bosschart ("Quick" - Den Haag)

J. Vos ("U.V.V." - Utrecht)

J. A. Van Beek ("Frisia" - Leeuwarden)

G. Bouwmeester ("Haarlem" - Haarlem)

P. Boelmans ter Spill ("H.F.C" - Haarlem)

J. M. de Korver ("Sparta" - Rotterdam)

G. K. van Nieuwenhuizen ("Sparta" - Rotterdam)

A. R. C. Bijvoet ("D.F.C" - Dordrecht) D. Wynveldt ("U.D." - Deventer)

Mr. J. C. Heyning ("H.V.V."- Den Haag)

Mr. J. H. Welcker ("Quick" - Den Haag)

J. W. Boutmy ("H.B.S" - Den Haag)

J. v. d. Sluys ("V.O.C" - Rotterdam)

Nico Bonvy ("D.F.C" - Dordrecht)

W. Boerdam ("Sparta" - Rotterdam)

C. H. Ten Cate ("H.B.S." Den Haag)

P. Bouman Jr. ("D.F.C." Dordrecht)


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