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1905 Singleton & Cole - Footballers



One of the early football association cards that were produced by the Singleton & Cole tobacco company.

Featured in this set are some of the most popular footballers at the time in the English football scene. The most popular at the time being William (Billy) Meredith from Manchester City. Stephen Bloomer is another footballer who was greatly popular at the time.

Meredith's card in this set is not his rookie but is still highly sought after by collectors along with the Stephen Bloomer


Pop Report for Grading Companies

SGC Graded Stephen Bloomer



1. W. Meredith (Manchester City)

2. T. Hynds (Manchester City)

3. H. Burgess (Manchester City)

4. J. McMahon (Manchester City)

5. W. Balmer (Everton)

6. J. Sharp (Everton)

7. J. Taylor (Everton)

8. L.R. Roose (Everton)

9. Brawn (Aston Villa)

10. Leake (Aston Villa)

11. Spencer (Aston Villa)

12. Hampton (Aston Villa)

13. Needham (Sheffield United)

14. A. Brown (Sheffield United)

15. H.B. Lipsham (Sheffield United)

16. B. Wilkinson (Sheffield United)

17. H. Davies (Sheffield Wednesday)

18. T. Crawshaw (Sheffield Wednesday)

19. W. Layton (Sheffield Wednesday)

20. A. Aitken (Newcastle United)

21. A. McCombie (Newcastle United)

22. C. Veitch (Newcastle United)

23. J. Rutherford (Newcastle United)

24. A. Bridgett (Sunderland)

25. Watson (Sunderland)

26. Williamson (Middlesbrough)

27. A. Common (Middlesbrough)

28. A.G. Morris (Nottingham Forest)

29. G. Ross (Bury)

30. C. Sagar (Bury)

31. R. Crompton (Blackburn Rovers)

32. F. Blackburn (Blackburn Rovers)

33. Wolstenholme (Blackburn Rovers)

34. D.Davies (Bolton Wanderers)

35. Ostick (Bolton Wanderers)

36. R. Bond (Preston North End)

37. J. Bell (Preston North End)

38. P. McBride (Preston North End)

39. T. Holford (Stoke)

40. J. Jones (Wolverhampton Wanderers)

41. T. Baddeley (Wolverhampton Wanderers)

42. McRoberts (Small Heath)

43. Doig (Liverpool)

44. Cox (Liverpool)

45. Dunlop (Liverpool)

46. T. Coleman (Woolwich Arsenal)

47. P. Sands (Woolwich Arsenal)

48. A.W. Green (Notts County)

49. S. Bloomer (Notts County)

50. C. Morris (Derby County)


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